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About Pete


Pete Aguilar is a proven leader who has worked across party lines to get results for Inland Empire families.

He is running for Congress to make sure every San Bernardino County family is afforded the same opportunities to climb the ladder into the middle class and achieve the American Dream.

San Bernardino County is still struggling to bounce back from the recession. That’s why Pete has focused on finding ways to jump-start our economy and put people back to work.

Pete Aguilar grew up in a working-class family in San Bernardino. His dad was a union worker for a local utility company and his first job was working with his grandfather bussing tables at the San Bernardino County Courthouse. He worked two jobs in college, and with the help of Pell Grants, he was able to get a college education.

In Congress, Pete has fought every day to create jobs, stand up for students, seniors, and veterans, and make sure our economy works for the middle class. 

Pete has worked across party lines to bring people together and delivered results that support Inland Empire families. He’s helped secure federal funds to invest in our infrastructure, and he has introduced legislation that would provide opportunities for job training and incentives for small businesses to grow and hire locally. He worked to address high unemployment among our veterans by helping those who served in the military translate their skills to fit job opportunities here at home. 

These are the types of commonsense solutions we need more of from our leaders. Pete will continue to fight to make college more affordable and accessible, to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and to reduce air pollution and improve our environment.

Pete believes we can accomplish more by working together, and that’s the type of fresh approach to public service Pete has brought to Congress and will continue to do so as San Bernardino County’s representative.