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Building An Economy That’s Strong And Fair

With one in 10 people in the Inland Empire unable to find work, and many families earning less than they need to afford the basics, strengthening our economy and creating jobs is my top priority.  We can do that by building an economy that’s fair to middle-class families and small businesses.

Instead of cutting spending for public education to give tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas, we need to invest in infrastructure, renewable energy and education to grow our economy and create the jobs of the future. 

As a local Mayor, I have a track record of making sound investments to strengthen our economy, including a major initiative to repair local streets and roads, and starting a loan program to help small businesses grow and create jobs. We made these investments while balancing the last four city budgets, turning a multi-million dollar deficit into a surplus and improving the city’s credit rating.

No one who works full time should live in poverty. That’s why I strongly support raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, with automatic increases for inflation. I have also called on Congress to pass "equal pay for equal work" legislation to help end wage discrimination in the workplace and ensure that men and women earn what they deserve.