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Aguilar Hits the Airwaves with First General Election TV Ad

Aguilar Hits the Airwaves with First General Election TV Ad

Aguilar Hits the Airwaves with First General Election TV Ad
(San Bernardino, CA) - Today, Congressman Pete Aguilar's re-election campaign released its first television advertisement of 2016, titled "Cousins." The ad highlights the deep connection Pete Aguilar has made with Inland Empire families and his record of supporting veterans, students and local small businesses during his first term in Congress. 
In announcing the ad, Congressman Aguilar stated, "For too many San Bernardino County families, the American Dream is out of reach. That's why during my first term in Congress, my focus has been on serving Inland Empire residents and strengthening the middle class. I'm going to continue standing up for students, seniors, small businesses and veterans so that the economy can work for everyone."
The ad began airing today on cable television stations across the Inland Empire and can be viewed here. The script of the ad is below.
Pete Aguilar represents California’s 31st Congressional district. He is a strong advocate for economic growth and fairness in the Inland Empire and a leader who reaches across party lines to deliver results for San Bernardino County’s middle class.

Dad 1: It is no surprise that since Pete Aguilar has been getting a lot done a lot of us think he's family.


Veteran 1: Cousin Pete helped me get my veterans benefits.


Veteran 2: Yeah, I think we're third cousins.


Student 1: Cousin Pete is fighting to make college more affordable.  


Mom 1: Cousin Pete is working to pass universal background checks.


Ben Cook, Hangar 24 Brewery: He’s good for our small business.


Little Kid: I love Grandpa Pete for improving our schools too.


Aguilar: I'm Pete Aguilar and I approve this message. 


Dad 2: Yeah, definitely related.


Aguilar: I approve of this family too.


Student 2: Thanks Cousin Pete.  


Mom 2: Thanks Cousin Pete.