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Pete Aguilar Calls on Congress to Take Up His Middle Class Initiative

As Congress reconvenes, Aguilar is calling for an agenda to put the middle class first

San Bernardino, CA - Today, Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 31st district, called on Congress to take up his Middle Class Initiative as it returns from its five week break. After spending August holding community meetings and listening to the concerns of Inland Empire residents, Aguilar is calling on the Republican controlled Congress to end the dysfunction and put our middle class first again.

“San Bernardino County residents are still struggling to find work, put their kids through college and plan for a secure retirement,” Aguilar said. “They are tired of Congress taking no action to help the middle class. As our representatives return to Washington, it’s time for them to put politics aside and work together on an agenda that prioritizes education, invests in our economy and strengthens Medicare and Social Security.”

In August, Aguilar released his Middle Class Initiative, a three-part priorities list that focuses on strengthening education, creating a robust and fair economy with good paying, middle-class jobs, and a commitment to our seniors and future generations of retirees. Aguilar called on Congress to immediately take up legislative proposals that will meet these goals.

“We cannot afford another day of dysfunction in Washington,” Aguilar continued. “Starting today, Congress should strengthen funding for early childhood education and reform our student loan system. They should raise the minimum wage and pass a comprehensive jobs plan that invests in small businesses and ends subsidies for corporations that ship jobs overseas. By doing what’s right and working across the aisle, we can rebuild our middle class.”

Pete Aguilar is a small business owner and Mayor of Redlands. He is a strong advocate for economic growth and fairness for the middle class in the Inland Empire and a leader who has reached across party lines to serve the best interests of San Bernardino County.