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Pete Aguilar Raises $416,000 In Second Quarter

Pete Aguilar Raises $416,000 In Second Quarter

San Bernardino, Calif. – Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 31st district, raised $416,116 in the second fundraising quarter of 2014, with $284,381 raised since May 15, his campaign announced today. Aguilar’s campaign has $325,728 cash on hand.  

 “More and more people in the Inland Empire understand the need for change from business as usual in Washington and are joining our grassroots coalition to build a stronger middle class,” said Aguilar.

Of the nearly 6,000 individual donors to Aguilar’s campaign, 83% have contributed $100 or less – a sign of strong grassroots support.

Pete Aguilar is a small business owner and Mayor of Redlands. He is a strong advocate for economic growth and fairness in the Inland Empire, a leader who has reached across party lines to serve the best interests of middle-class families in San Bernardino County.